Margarette has the ability to relate effectively with others.  She accepts responsibility readily and carries out her duties with efficiency and dispatch.  She seems to have the ability to sense the needs and feelings of others and to make others feel that they are contributing regardless of the situation.  - Willis Barnett, Chair, Fine Arts Department, VUU

Margarette is a natural Creative and is passionate about the Arts.  Her passion can be seen through her costume designs, stage direction, performances and as an educator. She is committed to student success, is knowledgeable and has a strong work ethic. - MaryMartha E. Ford-Dieng,  Assistant Director, Advising

As soon as Ms. Joyner started teaching classes, the theatre department changed completely. We had someone that cared about us and wanted us to prosper.  Not only was she a teacher and coach to us, but a valued friend.  I sincerely thank her for all she did; the hard work, sweat, blood and tears she put in just for us. - Kartesha Perry, Former VUU student

Ms. Joyner came in as our new theatre professor with a new fire, style of teaching and information that I had not received.  She did not just bring herself when she came to VUU, she brought her life experiences, colleagues, lessons, fun, shows and discipline.  She also taught us collaboration by working with the visual arts department, the music department and the band.  Ms. Joyner is a mentor, innovator, creator, visionary, and soldier.  She pushed me to be better and I thank her for all of that!  - Ameesha Smith, Former VUU student

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