Assistant Professor

"This class is an amazing class and I couldn't ask for a better professor.  Not only could you relate to us but you made us feel safe and comfortable enough to reveal some personal information about ourselves in front of a group of individuals we didn't know. Overall, I just want to say thank you for being who you are as a teacher. You were understanding and helped us through our frustrations.  You never gave up on us and you never let us give up on ourselves." - Brionne, VCU Student

"This class taught me how to really understand and care about how others opinions might be different then what I believe...  Ms. Joyner taught me how to be myself... to see that there are still people out here that want to help the younger generation and see them make something of themselves." - Britney, VCU Student

Ms. Joyner has a way of reaching in and getting us to reveal those hidden issues thereby helping us to move on with our lives.  Her sweet and humble spirit causes you to fully trust her...  She will push you, pull you, help you, teach you, but won't do it for you"  One of the most important things this class teaches is how to be there for one another. - Travonn, VCU Student

"Walking in as the oldest and only white person in the class, I was a little overwhelmed, but this turned out to be my favorite class of the semester.  It was more than a class, it was a time I got to know myself better..." - Morgan, VUU Student

"I learned how to appreciate people for who they are and how to accept their beliefs - even if I disagreed with them.  I witnessed a class learn how imperative it is not to judge people.  I saw a class transform, we matured.  I watched people around me cry together as they opened up portals to their dark past.  I watched people support each other and my heart ached for some of the things discussed.  I heard people participate in heated debates and then turn around and laugh and joke with one another.  Being in this class not only taught me how to improve my skills, it taught me how to listen...  If I had to go back in time and change anything in my life, I would make sure I took this class with the same people and most definitely the same professor.  Professor Margarette Joyner." - Sashanna, VUU Student

"I want to personally thank you for the wonderful day at VUU.  To be honest, your workshop was the greatest thing that happened to me in a while.  Being able to sit in a college class and participate in numerous exercises was just what I needed to show me what was ahead of me in life.  I expected college to be very boring in the classroom, but you changed my perspective on that a full 360 degrees.  You allowed me to open up on stage when it came to my emotions and it was just what I needed to boost my confidence on so many levels.  So thank you for what you've done for me and the class."  - DeShawn, Franklin Military Academy Recruit

"I would like to personally thank you for one of the best field trips the students and I have ever attended.  They have consistently spoken of the newly found comfort and confidence you have shared with them.  Your love for the students and the profession was a true inspiration..." - Major Jones, Franklin Military Academy