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Theater Review: ‘The Dream Seller and the Forest Dwellers’

Forest creatures are on a quest in this lively children's play from the Heritage Ensemble Theatre Company.  Costume Designer Margarette Joyner has created a delightful entourage of fanciful, inventive costumes.~ by Jerry Williams, Richmond Magazine, Richmond, VA

 The Liar Rocks for Henley Street and That's the Truth!

Margarette Joyner’s costumes are simply amazing. The finery she puts her actors in is breathtaking and looks like every nickel of her budget ended up on stage. ~ For WCVE Public Radio, I’m John Porter.

Henley Street Theatre Julius Caesar

Margarette Joyner’s modern business-like costumes and Tennessee Dixon’s set (which could double as the cold drab marble halls of Congress) set the scene perfectly. ~ Bruce Levy, Broadway World

Margarette Joyner's costumes are both evocative and timeless.  It gives us the feeling that this play could be happening right now or sixty years ago. ~ For WCVE Public Radio, I'm John Porter

The fusion of evocative and edgy scenic design by Tennessee Dixon and the rich and detailed costuming by Margarette Joyner provide the perfect framework to translate this ancient Roman tragedy into its modern context. Reviewed by Susanna Wu-PongRFM Online

Truth be told, 'The Liar' is dazzling, fast and funny

All are dressed to the nines in Margarette Joyner's bedazzled period costumes... JULINDA LEWIS, Special Correspondent