All God's Children Got "Crowns"

Posted by Bruce Miller

Recasting a lead once rehearsals are underway can upset the apple cart a bit. Recasting a lead in 48 hours when you're stranded in Ireland (as Phil and I were) due to a volcano in Iceland can be one of those experiences you won't quickly forget.

Thankfully, Chase Kniffen was in constant contact with Phil and me when we were stuck for seven extra days on the Emerald Isle. Even more thankfully, when Chase called Margarette Joyner, a very talented singer, actor and gospel artist who happened to work in our costume shop, Margarette said "yes!"

During Crowns 2005, our second pick as leading lady was the luminous Almeida Ingram Miller. Her performance was extraordinary. In Crowns 2010, Margarette Joyner is igniting the stage once again. In both instances, I firmly believe, we wound up with the gospel queen we were meant to have.

Firehouse Theatre Project A Streetcar Named Desire

By Bruce Levy

Going back to directorial choices; a live jazz band in the off-stage lobby area and vocals by Margarette Joyner are a nice New Orleans touch in Act 2 that are for some reason not used in Act 1. Joyner’s vocals are a show stopper.